Filmed on Monday February 1, 02010

Stewart Brand, Brian Eno, Alexander Rose

Long Finance: The Enduring Value Conference

Stewart Brand

Stewart Brand is cofounder of Global Business Network and The Long Now Foundation. His books are: Whole Earth Discipline; The Clock of the Long Now; How Buildings Learn; The Media Lab; Two Cybernetic Frontiers; Whole Earth Catalog.

Brian Eno

Alexander Rose

Long Finance aims to “improve society’s understanding and use of finance over the long-term”, in contrast to the short-termism that defines today’s financial and economic views. The immediate objective of the initiative is to establish a Foundation that can ignite global debate on long-term finance, by examining how commerce should enable and encourage environmental and social sustainability.

Enduring Value

In February 02010, Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, and Alexander Rose spoke at the Long Finance conference hosted by Gresham College in London. The conversation was moderated by Faisal Islam, an economics correspondent with Channel 4 news in the UK.

Long Finance is an initiative begun by Professor Michael Mainelli in 02007 to establish a World Centre Of Thinking On Long-Term Finance. The aim of the Long Finance Institute is "to improve society's understanding and use of finance over the long-term".

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