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Panlex Intern – Panlex Offices

Intern with PanLex in Berkeley!

PanLex is making translations among all words in all human languages—and dialects—publicly available. Do a Google search for kvg ituake and you’ll see one slice of PanLex. It was designed at the University of Washington and is now, together with The Rosetta Project, based at The Long Now Foundation. We work at offices in Berkeley, California, a block from the UC campus.

We need help in pursuing our mission. Over a billion translated word pairs (30 billion if you count translations through another language) can now be retrieved from PanLex, but that’s only a start. We invite you to volunteer in this effort.

As a PanLex 02016 summer intern, you can contribute to our work. You will be supporting research on language and meaning, while helping equip thousands of languages for machine translation, information retrieval, and global communication.

What’s in it for you? Rare experience doing panlingual (more than merely multilingual) documentation and engineering. Training pertinent to language, software, internationalization, and documentation careers, both academic and industrial. Skills and tools shared by our team of experts. With their guidance, you’ll learn how to enrich a gargantuan open-source database of lexical translations. Your name will be on the data that you add. And, while you’re with us, The Long Now Foundation will invite you to attend its San Francisco Seminars. PanLex intern alumni have gone on to careers at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Evernote, Trulia, Base CRM, Market News International, Park IP Translations, Quorate Technology, Smart Information Flow Technologies, Stanford University, and other organizations. We are not offering stipends, salaries, or financial support for travel or housing, but will cooperate if you seek financial aid or academic credit for this internship.

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Barista – The Interval at Long Now

The Interval is a cafe and bar located in the beautiful waterfront Fort Mason Center. We serve Heart coffee from Portland and will expand to include other roasters. The Interval is a cafe by day, a bar by night, home of The Long Now Foundation, and their museum. The space is full of books and machines and converts into an event space where we host talks on a wide variety of topics. Customers are inquisitive and will require extra attention due to the uncommon nature of the space.

We are currently designing a program that will explore contemporary coffee and tea culture, including coffee and tea cocktails. We're always on the lookout for improvements we can make to our coffee and the experience of being in the space. We're looking for someone with an eye for detail, a love for coffee and patience for change.



More about us:

We brew our tea to order in front of customers, using scales and timers to make sure every pot we serve tastes great. We weigh all espresso shots and batch brew our filter coffee to ensure consistency. We also have refreshing non-caffeinated drinks that we mix to order using jiggers to measure out each ingredient consistently, and a few tea and coffee based cocktails that will be debuting on our menu soon.

To Apply: Send an email to jobs@longnow.org including: