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Barista/Bar Prep Position Available - Full and Part Time Position Available

The Interval is a cafe and bar located in the beautiful waterfront Fort Mason Center. We serve Heart coffee from Portland and Song Tea from here in San Francisco, and we boast one of the most well-regarded cocktail programs in the city. We are a cafe by day, a bar at night, and the home of The Long Now Foundation and their museum. The space is full of books and machines and serves as an event space when the Long Now Foundation hosts its many salons on a wide variety of topics. Customers are inquisitive, and frequently require extra attention due to the uncommon nature of the space. For this reason we are keenly interested in applicants with warm customer service and a willingness to interact with our clientele.

We are currently looking to staff bar prep and barista positions. Someone with barbacking and/or bar prep experience who is looking to branch out into coffee would be ideal, but so would a barista looking to learn what it takes to work behind the bar. Some available shifts are more heavily tilted towards coffee, while others involve more bar prep. The most important traits we're looking for are a willingness to learn and to be flexible. We are a small, tight-knit team, and we are at our best when we work as much for each other as alongside one another.


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We brew our tea to order in front of customers, using scales and timers to make sure every pot we serve tastes great. We weigh all espresso shots and batch brew our filter coffee to ensure consistency. We also have refreshing non-caffeinated drinks that we mix to order using jiggers to measure out each ingredient consistently. As noted above, as we serve a full bar menu on the weekends, this position currently entails making our full array of cocktails during those shifts.

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Send an email to jobs@longnow.org including:

The Interval - Part Time Social Media Associate

The Long Now Foundation is seeking a Social Media associate to promote their bar, cafe, event space, The Interval, in Fort Mason center. This associate will work with the Long Now social media team and the The Interval staff to conceptualize, create, and execute promotional organic and paid campaigns across various social media channels.

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Send an email to jobs@longnow.org including: