WordPress Blog Design Refresh and Content Automation

The Long Now Foundation seeks proposals to refresh its WordPress blog and automate some of its content creation and maintenance. As more of our content is first published on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Medium), most of our links to interesting long-term thinking aren't being archived at all, and only exist on these third-party sites. Creating individual posts for each piece of content would not be an effective use of staff time, so automation is desired. Additionally, some design tweaks and plugin integration are desired to present this content well and to protect it into the future.

  1. Width Expansion
    The blog is currently a fixed-width 870px design. We would like to expand the width of the blog and make it responsive & mobile friendly. To achieve this, we want to remove a sidebar, integrate a plugin to ease the management of images, and finally expand the width.
    1. Navigation Sidebar: Our Navigation Sidebar is dated and takes up valuable page width. Its functionality needs to be redesigned and relocated.
      1. Design new Categories and Years UI controls to replace existing links
      2. Move new Categories and Years controls, and existing search box into main page flow, either pre- or post-content (TBD).
      3. Remove or move Blog Title, Subtitle, and description (TBD).
      4. Remove or move social links to the page footer (TBD).
    2. Media management plugin: Up to now, we have only ever used the built-in media manager of WordPress. The raw upload is used in-page, meaning that we have uploaded lower-resolution images to support the final product. We would rather upload high-resolution imagery and have it automatically resized for the page presentation.
      1. Must automatically resize images, preserving aspect ratio
      2. Must preserve original full-res image for future resizings
      3. Should support responsive redesign of the blog.
    3. Width Expansion: Expand the width of the blog to better match modern mobile friendly design aesthetics and to better showcase images.
      1. Make & implement responsive width design for site.
  2. Facebook Content Import
    We'd like to import content from our Facebook page to publicly archive it.
    1. Initial Import
      1. Identify and integrate a WordPress plugin to bulk upload our FB posts from the past 2 years.
        One option: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-ultimate-csv-importer/
    2. New posts
      1. Identify and integrate a plugin to auto generate Wordpress posts from our new Facebook posts
        One option: https://wordpress.org/plugins/social2blog/
      2. Plugin must import Facebook posts as blog drafts, Staff will then mark w/ category and publish.
  3. Link Management
    Many of our existing links out from the blog have become stale. With the increased quantity of posts imported from Facebook, stale links will increase. We would like to take measures to address this.
    1. Identify and integrate a plugin to identify broken outbound links
    2. Plugin should provide a working link to either an HTML or PDF archive

To Apply

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