PanLex Source Analyst

The Long Now Foundation seeks to add one or more persons to its PanLex team to help build the world’s most multilingual database of lexical translations. Team researchers identify translated words in thousands of languages documented in many digital and paper formats. We are looking for someone who can read two or more languages and has programming experience, ideally in Python and Perl.

As a PanLex Source Analyst you will use open-source tools, the PanLex tool library, and your own custom code to parse and restructure digital sources. More details on the PanLex website.

For this position, you should be comfortable with regular expressions and have experience programming in Python or Perl or the ability to learn one of these quickly on your own. Ideally, you should also be familiar with text and HTML parsing, with multiple Unicode scripts and their encodings, with a few human languages, and with linguistic concepts. You can expect to meet with other team members once a week and to confer by email as needed, but mainly to work independently. Please review some of the documentation linked above before applying.

Depending on your situation, you may work as an employee or an independent contractor, and the work can be full- or part-time. To apply, send an email to info@panlex.org with your resume or CV and a brief description of your interest and qualifications.