Filmed on Tuesday December 4, 02018

Rick Prelinger

Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, 13

Rick is founder of Prelinger Archives in San Francisco, whose moving image holdings may be found online at www.archive.org. Rick co-founded Prelinger Library (www.prelingerlibrary.org), a publicly-available collection of historical periodicals, books, print ephemera, maps and government documents.

Our annual Lost Landscapes of San Francisco show with Rick Prelinger will run for 2 nights on Tuesday December 4 and Wednesday December 5, 02018 at 7:30pm (doors are at 6:30pm) at The Castro Theater.

This is the thirteenth year of Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, the annual archival film program that celebrates San Francisco’s past and looks towards its future!

Combining favorites from past years with this year’s footage discoveries, this feature-length program shows San Francisco's neighborhoods, infrastructures, celebrations and people from the early 20th century through the 01970s.

New sequences this year include the dune-dotted blocks of the Outer Richmond in the 1920s; Native activists riding to the Alcatraz occupation; family life in the Crocker-Amazon district; unseen images of the wartime Port; men walking cables on the unfinished Bay Bridge; elementary-school students doing science projects in 1957, the Year of Sputnik; surreal parade floats on Market Street; baseball crowds at Kezar Stadium: the 1962 World Series at the two-year-old Stick; the Human Be-In in 1966; newly discovered Cinemascope footage of 1950s SF; building Sunset houses in 1941; African American tourists in 1960s SF; and a Japanese American family living atop a semi-rural Rincon Hill in the 1930s.

For the first time ever, a short subject precedes the show: the world theatrical premiere of a new 4K super-high-resolution scan of the legendary pre-quake A TRIP DOWN MARKET STREET (filmed April 1906) made from the best existing material, showing detail that no audience has seen in over one hundred years.

Founded by Megan & Rick Prelinger in 02004, the Prelinger Library contains over 60,000 books, periodicals, maps and ephemeral print items available for research and reuse. This famed experimental research library supports artists, historians, community members, and researchers of all kinds.

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