People of Long Now


Alexander Rose

Executive Director & Secretary of the Board

Alexander is an industrial designer and has been working with The Long Now Foundation and computer scientist Danny Hillis since 01997 to build a monument scale, all mechanical 10,000 Year Clock. Alexander speaks about the work of The Long Now Foundation all over the world at venues ranging from the TED conference to corporations and government agencies.

As the director of Long Now, Alexander

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Laura Buszard-Welcher

Director of Operations and The Long Now Library

Laura Welcher is a linguist with research interests in endangered language documentation, description and revitalization, as well as the growing subdiscipline of computer-assisted linguistics. She received a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley, where she learned first hand the importance of creating digital language resources that last in her field research with critically endangered North American languages. Since then she has

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Danielle Engelman

Director of Programs

As Director of Programs for The Long Now Foundation, Danielle Engelman produces the monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking series as well as Long Now's other public programs and events such as Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings, Jem Finer's Longplayer; 1,000 years in 3 simultaneous acts and The Mechanicrawl.

Danielle developed Long Now’s membership program which was launched in 02006 and now includes 4500

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Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Director of Strategy

Nicholas is helping shape the second generation of The Long Now Foundation. He directs our fundraising, and has raised capital for creative projects his entire life. He has a background in systems engineering and philosophy—with a special interest in aesthetics, hermeneutics, and phenomenology. In a past life, he performed with progressive rock bands in Chicago. In this life, he reads, writes, and meditates on

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Andrew Warner

Product Manager & Producer

Andrew has been at Long Now since 02013 working on many of Long Now's public programs with Director of Programs Danielle Engelman. He currently co-produces Long Now's talks, manages the Long Bets program, manages Long Now's video team, and shepherds many of Long Now's technical projects along.

Andrew received his BA from Reed College studying Religion and techno-futurism before moving to the Bay Area. His

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Juliann Witt

Member Program Coordinator

Juliann Witt joined Long Now’s membership team in May 02017 to assist with the growing program. While working with both new and existing members she also assists with the Long Now Talks and other events.

An east bay native, Juliann is also an established professional dancer who has been performing in the Bay Area since 02012.

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Casey Cripe

Member Program Associate

A member of the Long Now community for 12 years before joining staff as Member Program Associate, Casey is helping nurture and grow Long Now’s membership.

In addition to his experience and enthusiasm, Casey’s help includes but is not limited to:
his empathy when assisting membership with any and all their needs,
his craftsmanship when artfully packaging fulfillment for members and donors,

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Dan Linder

Technical Lead

As Technical Lead, Dan develops and maintains the web infrastructure of The Long Now Foundation, as well as assisting with the various projects' technical needs as they arise. A member since 02008, he is curious about data stewardship, hardware/software survivability, and the intersection of software engineering, open-source, and nonprofits.

Prior to The Long Now, Dan was the first engineering hire at StyleSeat, and before

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James Home

Design Director

James is a designer and technologist living at sea aboard a sailboat called Rejoice. He has been working with Long Now since 02000, and helped design and engineer The Rosetta Project and Long Bets. In 02021, he designed and built this very website. James has over twenty five years of experience helping organizations of all sizes transform ambiguous complexity into powerful tools that help people

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Ahmed Kabil

Managing Editor, Long Now Ideas

Ahmed Kabil is a writer, editor and multimedia storyteller. He joined Long Now in January 02017 after being a volunteer for years. At Long Now, he writes, edits, and commissions articles on long-term thinking. He also publishes Long Now’s monthly member newsletter. From 02019-21, he served as Long Now’s Head of Social Media. He has also video edited and produced Long Now cinematic

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Jacob Kuppermann

Social Media Manager

Jacob Kuppermann manages Long Now's social media presence with the goal of building an intellectual community online. Prior to arriving at Long Now in 02021, they studied ecological and technological communities at Stanford University, graduating with an M.S. in Earth Systems, a B.S. in Biology, and a B.A. in History, writing a senior thesis on the community structures that allowed for the

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Forrest Pound

Video Director and Editor

Forrest has worked with the Long Now since 02016 and is currently Video Director and Editor. He collaborates with the video team to make the cinematic lectures Long Now has produced since 02020.

Forrest is an environmental documentary filmmaker and the films he has produced, shot or edited have been broadcast nationally, won accolades and awards, and have helped to drive positive change in our

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Justin Oliphant

Video Director and Editor

Justin has been with the Long Now since 02018 and moved into the role of Video Director and Editor when the Long Now extended their media goals. As a long time editor, Justin worked at large companies like Disney’s ImageMovers Digital before moving on to being a freelance video producer. Having been raised in the Bay Area and graduating from UC Santa Cruz’s

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Deborah Yoon Zacharias

Development Associate

Deborah works as a Development Assistant and programmatic support for Long Now. Prior to joining Long Now, she worked as a project coordinator for various creative design/architect studios, helped create large-scale art, and lived in NYC until 02010. Deborah has received a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Art History at New York University. In her spare time, she focuses on her art, trains in

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Shannon Breen

Assistant Video Editor

Following her call to pursue authentic stories centered around natural and social sciences, Shannon carved a niche as a multimedia filmmaker specializing in documentaries and soul-driven content. She continues to explore the intersection between human rights and nature, utilizing her background to continually work on connecting communities around the world through storytelling. Shannon’s credits include the films: We Are As Gods (SXSW Premiere), SEED:

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Ty Caudle

Beverage Director for The Interval

Ty spent years catering, voraciously reading cocktail books and bartending manuals, before breaking into the industry. He joined The Interval in 02016 as Lead Bartender under the tutelage of Jennifer Colliau. Now, as Beverage Director, he welcomes the responsibility of honoring the artisans behind every ingredient served at The Interval.

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Cameron Eng

Private Events Coordinator

Cameron is an experienced local event producer with a background in art activism, community theater, and film production.

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Tre Balchowsky

Interval Producer

Tre co-produces our Tuesday night salon lecture series. She is the co-founder of Odd Salon and is a fan of all things history, future, and adventure.

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KC Crowell

Operations Associate

KC joined The Long Now Foundation in 02014 as a Barista at The Interval. After some time behind the bar, she ran away to work on sailing ships up and down the west coast. After years of working on everything from commercial ferries to traditionally rigged tall ships, she earned her 100 Ton Master's license from the Coast Guard in 02017.

KC brings her unique

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Former Staff

Robin Ward

Museum & Store, Manager the Long Now Press Archive

Robin worked in the Museum & Store as well as managing the Long Now press archive. Her interests are moving in and around the world, and learning how to make anything. Other long-term goals are to road-trip through the contiguous 48 states and build her own house.

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Contessa Trujillo

Office Manager (02009 - 02010)

Contessa grew up surrounded by mountains in Taos, New Mexico. Since childhood, Contessa has had a keen interests in the arts and amongst the various art forms, enjoys painting and bookmaking. She received her BA in Studio Art from Colorado College in 02005 and has traveled extensively throughout her time in and out of studies. While at CC, Contessa spent a semester in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Kristen Shuken

Operations Associate (02016-02017)

Kristen Shuken joined the Long Now team in February 02016. She works as the Operations Associate supporting the staff and ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day tasks. Kristen received her Masters in Public Health from UCLA focusing on women’s health and reproductive rights.

She has spent time working and living in New York, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Australia before coming back to her home

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Alex Mensing

Former Assistant Manager of Museum & Store

Alex began working at Long Now in January of 02011. His experiences during the previous few years as a history student at American University in Washington, DC (during the cooler months) and a forest ecology researcher in Nevada, Colorado and Montana (during the warmer ones) both contributed to his interest in the Foundation’s long-term perspective. Through his field work in Nevada he has become

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Jim Mason

Director of the Rosetta Project (01999-02006)

Jim was the founder and director of the Rosetta Project from 01999 to 02006. He's a General Specialist working at the intersection of engineering, anthropology and information science. He is a graduate of Stanford University, with degrees in Anthropology and Philosophy, after a long tour of Mechanical Engineering (yes, he has difficulty sticking to one discipline).

He directed the New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford,

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Joe Kacmarcik

System Administrator

Joe has over 20 years experience building highly effective technical teams and directing expert staff in design and deployment of enterprise architectures.

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Robert Johnson

Office Manager (02001)

Robert was Office Manager for Long Now in 2001.

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Charlotte Hajer

Outreach & Development Manager (02012 - 02015)

As Outreach and Development Manager, Charlotte contributes to the growth of The Long Now Foundation by cultivating and fostering fund development opportunities to support its variety of programs. An experienced writer and editor, she also contributes regular content to the Long Now Blog and Quarterly newsletter, and helps out at the Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

A native of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Charlotte holds a PhD

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Veronica Graham

Office & Store Manager (02007 - 02008)

Graham has been actively involved in the Bay Area non-profit and arts community since her formative years at The Long Now Foundation. She is an artist and designer whose work gains insight from the study of video game design and historical cartography. Recently, Graham has worked as an educator and contributes to the arts education programs at Southern Exposure and Out of Site in San

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Camille Davila

Office Manager (01998 - 02001)

Camille Davila is an international songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and recording artist who moves around in a beautiful landscape of melodic electronica and glamorous synth-pop.

Born in Los Angeles, California, she spent most of her teenage years ping ponging the west coast until relocating to Europe, primarily England. In 2000 she signed to Below Records to release her debut album,”Not For The Disco”. Two European

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Simone Davalos

Office Manager (02002 - 02008)

Simone Davalos is Owner of Combots LLC.  Her work centers on robotics education and the promotion of tomorrow’s engineers. Combots LLC seeks to provide an entertaining and educational experience in robotics and engineering for audiences of all ages. Their exhibitions (The Combots Cup, Robogames, private corporate events) combine the excitement of extreme sports events with the solid foundation of engineering and art.

Now in

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Jennifer Colliau

Founding Beverage Director for The Interval (02014 -02019)

An award-winning bartender and sought after authority on classic cocktails and contemporary mixology, Jennifer has been a bartender and bar consultant for nearly two decades in the San Francisco and LA areas. She founded Small Hand Foods to revive century-old cocktail ingredients, and now makes a line of hand-crafted bar syrups that are used by bartenders in the Bay Area and around the country. Also

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Todd Carnam

Beverage Director & Lead Bartender (02014 - 02021)

Todd took a circuitous route to bartending, studying philosophy before attempting a writing career, ending up in the world of craft cocktails just shy of his 40th birthday. He joined the Interval team in 02014 as a barback, quickly making his way to bartender and then assistant manager. Now, as Beverage Director, he looks forward to telling stories through menus and their changes through time.

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Catherine Borgeson

Office Manager & Programs Associate (02012-02016)

Catherine Borgeson began her time with Long Now in July of 02012 as a museum associate. Currently, she helps with the Seminars About Long-term Thinking, membership program and Salon development and contributes to the blog.

A California native, she is a hobby photographer, radio fiend and avid scuba diver. Other than doing freelance radio and multimedia work during her free time, she enjoys a good

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Roseann Baker

Member Program Associate (02016 - 02019)

Roseann Baker joined the Long Now team in February 02016 to assist with the growing membership program. She works directly with both new and existing members and also assists with Front of House for the Seminars About Long-term Thinking and Interval events.

Roseann is a dancer and movement educator compelled by the complexity and mystery of the human body. She received her BFA in dance

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Kat Adams

Rosetta Intern & Museum Associate (02010 - 02011)

Kat was a Rosetta Intern and Museum Associate from 02010-02011, and a SALT volunteer until 02014. These days, Kat is a PhD student at NYU. She studies how experience shapes young children’s attention and learning, particularly in contexts of poverty and stress.

A key aim of her research is to create and collaborate on innovative uses of technology and statistical methods for developmental research.

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Michael McElligott

Interval Producer (02013 - 02020)

Michael was the face of the Conversations at The Interval speaking series until he died in 2020. Our remembrance of him: Michael McElligott, A Staple of San Francisco Art and Culture, Dies at 50. An event producer since his college days, Michael was active in San Francisco’s art and theater scene as a performer and instigator of unusual events for more than 20 years.

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Kurt Bollacker

Digital Research Director

Kurt is a computer scientist with a research background in the areas of machine learning, digital libraries, and electro-cardiographic modeling. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and was co-creator of the CiteSeer research tool while a researcher at The NEC Research Institute . He was the technical director of The Internet Archive, and a research engineer at

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Whitney Deatherage

Associate Director of Operations (02011 - 02014)

As Associate Director of Operations, Whitney wrangled many details and helped keep Long Now running smoothly. That included vital activity like finances and fundraising, Seminar and other event logistics, managing the Long Now Salon renovation project, helping out with events, and generally keeping the Long Now office running / caffeinated.

A California native, she has managed many things: software projects, stages, a small chain of organic

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