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Ahmed Kabil

Managing Editor, Long Now Ideas

Ahmed Kabil is a writer, editor and multimedia storyteller. He joined Long Now in January 02017 after being a volunteer for years. At Long Now, he writes, edits, and commissions articles on long-term thinking. He also publishes Long Now’s monthly member newsletter. From 02019-21, he served as Long Now’s Head of Social Media. He has also video edited and produced Long Now cinematic lectures, social videos, and end-of-year fundraising videos.

Previously, Ahmed worked in media, technology, and the networked arts and humanities. He was Head of Video at Timeline, a media startup providing historical context to the news; co-creator of GoPop, an app for remixing media (acquired by BuzzFeed); and Editor/Producer at Zeega, an open-source platform for inventing new forms of interactive storytelling. His media projects have been shown at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, performed at the Tribeca Film Institute, and featured or noted in The Atlantic, The New Yorker, NiemanLab, Huffington Post, and more.

Originally trained as a historian, much of Ahmed’s work explores the origins, actions, and afterlives of the American counterculture of the 01960s and early 01970s, with a particular focus on Northern California and the intersection of Eastern spirituality, psychedelics, science and technology. In 02012, he was awarded a Fellowship at metaLAB (at) Harvard for his undergraduate web documentary exploring Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand’s cultural interventions around images of the Earth viewed from space. He has written for Catapult, Gen, OneZero, Timeline, the Integral Review and others. He has given talks, presentations, guest lectures, and workshops at Harvard University, MIT, Poynter Institute, UC-Berkeley, the California Institute of Integral Studies, and more.

Ahmed holds a Bachelor’s in History from Reed College and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge. He lives in Barcelona.

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