People of Long Now

Justin Oliphant

Video Director

Justin has been with the Long Now since 02018 and moved into the role of Video Director and Editor when the Long Now extended their media goals. As a long time editor, Justin worked at large companies like Disney’s ImageMovers Digital before moving on to being a freelance video producer. Having been raised in the Bay Area and graduating from UC Santa Cruz’s media program, Justin’s desire to tell engaging and impactful stories through video has fit right at home with the Long Now’s video team.

In addition to his video work, Justin works on finding new ways to engage audiences through stories. This work includes boardgames, transmedia projects, crafted experiences for the Bay Area’s immersive theater scene, interactive art installations, and the Explorers Guild (his ongoing large scale project). The Explorers Guild, which can be briefly described as scouting for people of all ages, combines his love for learning new skills, exploring the world, and storytelling.

Often found with a rock in his pocket, wearing a long brimmed hat, and a notebook close at hand, he stands by his personal motto of Semper Explorandum!

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