People of Long Now

Michael McElligott

Interval Producer (02013 - 02020)

Michael was the face of the Conversations at The Interval speaking series until he died in 2020. Our remembrance of him: Michael McElligott, A Staple of San Francisco Art and Culture, Dies at 50. An event producer since his college days, Michael was active in San Francisco’s art and theater scene as a performer and instigator of unusual events for more than 20 years. From 01999 to 02003 Michael hosted and co-produced The Tentacle Sessions a monthly series spotlighting accomplished individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area scene—including writers, artists, and scientists. He produced and performed in numerous alternative theater venues over the years including Popcorn Anti-Theater, The EXIT, 21 Grand, Stage Werx, and the late, great Dark Room Theater.

Michael was also a long-time blogger (usually under his nom de kunst mikl-em) for publications including celebrated arts magazine Hi Fructose and award-winning internet culture site Laughing Squid. You can find his writing in print in the Hi Fructose Collected Edition books and Tales of The San Francisco Cacophony Society in which he recounts some of his adventures with that noted countercultural group.

Beginning in the late 01990's as an employee at HotWired, Michael worked in technology in various marketing, technical and product roles. He worked at both startups and tech giants; helped launch products for both consumers and enterprise; and worked with some of the best designers and programmers in the industry.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he co-founded a college radio station and an underground art space before moving to San Francisco. Since moving to the Bay Area he has been involved with myriad artistic projects and creative ventures including helping start the online radio station Radio Valencia.

Michael had been a volunteer and associate of Long Now since 02006; he helped at events and Seminars, wrote for the blog & newsletter, and was a technical advisor. In 02013 he officially joined the staff to help raise funds, run social media, and design & produce the Conversations at The Interval lecture series. Mikl passed away in 02020, leaving an indelible mark on our organization and programming.

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