People of Long Now

Rebecca Lendl

Interim Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca is a seasoned social impact leader with 20+ years of experience supporting organizational growth across art, culture, and technology. Her expertise is in strategic planning, organization and team building, and partnering with philanthropists, having raised over $50 million for social change.

Rebecca has spent her career supporting visionary ideas and new ways of thinking. Most recently, Rebecca served as Chief Operating Officer at the Center for Humane Technology, the organization in the Emmy Award winning Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. She has also worked with leading cultural institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York including Creative Commons, Headlands Center for the Arts, Creative Time, and MoMA PS1.

Fascinated by the intersections of consciousness, the creative process, and social impact, Rebecca spends lots of time thinking about how we might deepen our understanding of where we are as a civilization, how we got here, and where we’re headed. Based in Marin, she also spends lots of time adventuring with her husband and two children — a real time experiment in learning how to steward the future.

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