People of Long Now

Contessa Trujillo

Office Manager (02009 - 02010)

Contessa grew up surrounded by mountains in Taos, New Mexico. Since childhood, Contessa has had a keen interests in the arts and amongst the various art forms, enjoys painting and bookmaking. She received her BA in Studio Art from Colorado College in 02005 and has traveled extensively throughout her time in and out of studies. While at CC, Contessa spent a semester in Oaxaca, Mexico studying the Spanish language and Mexican culture.

From 02005 on, Contessa spent time working in the arts in Taos and Santa Fe, expanding her experience in the  business and "behind the scenes" aspects of the art world. Her experience has included commercial photography, graphic and web design. The curiosity and desire to experience new places led Contessa to San Francisco where she has found a home and enjoys the inspiration and experience gained from her diverse surroundings. Other interests include rock climbing, snowboarding, graphic design, drawing, printmaking, yoga, knitting and people.

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