People of Long Now

Deborah Yoon Zacharias

Development Manager

Deborah Yoon Zacharias plays a key role in Development and Programs for The Long Now Foundation. She has worked closely with Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz on fundraising initiatives for the organization and currently runs the End of Year fundraising campaign, which directly supports Long Now operations and programming. She also oversees various donor projects, such as The Interval Bottle Keep program, as well as special events for donors and sponsors.

Deborah is deeply dedicated to the arts and cultivating community, with a particular interest in making art and culture more accessible to the general public. She works as a leader, team member and project coordinator, bringing structure and process to the creation of large scale art, creative events and design studios.

Deborah received a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Art History at New York University. She explores movement, expression, and nature through small and large-format paper and ink arts and a lifelong Aikido practice.

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