People of Long Now

Whitney Deatherage

Associate Director of Operations (02011 - 02014)

As Associate Director of Operations, Whitney wrangled many details and helped keep Long Now running smoothly. That included vital activity like finances and fundraising, Seminar and other event logistics, managing the Long Now Salon renovation project, helping out with events, and generally keeping the Long Now office running / caffeinated.

A California native, she has managed many things: software projects, stages, a small chain of organic coffee shops, and for three adventurous weeks, a roadhouse in Davenport, CA. She loved her job at Long Now because it touched on so many of her interests: design, community building, cocktails, civic infrastructure, performance art, and robots. And sometimes even cocktail robot performance art.

Whitney has a degree in Public Art and Museum Studies from CSU Monterey Bay. She designed a permanent exhibit for the Museum of Monterey on the USS Macon, a Navy spy dirigible and the world's largest helium-filled airship, which crashed in Monterey Bay in 01935.

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