People of Long Now

Casey Cripe

Assistant Editor and Illustrator

A member of the Long Now community for 12 years before joining staff as Member Program Associate, Casey is helping nurture and grow Long Now’s membership.

In addition to his experience and enthusiasm, Casey’s help includes but is not limited to:
his empathy when assisting membership with any and all their needs,
his craftsmanship when artfully packaging fulfillment for members and donors,
his understanding when supporting the Seminars and Conversations events,
his keen senses when playing his part with Audio/Visual and Media production,
his commitment and vision when collaborating on stewardship of The Long Now --idea, institution, community-- into the next generation(s).

Bay Area born and raised, Casey is formally educated in Traditional Illustration and Comparative Religious Studies, but has always cultivated encyclopedic interests.  As a San Francisco-based artist, Casey Cripe is minding mythic depth and serving the long view, devoting his life to researching and visualizing the “Big Here”, “Long Now”, and beyond (

Outside of his work in the office and studio, Casey enjoys collecting and reading books, DIY home improvement projects, landscape gardening, wilderness backpacking, and playing with his cat.

Recent Ideas from Casey Cripe

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