Fostering long-term thinking and responsibility through
diverse projects aiming to inspire, educate, and challenge our concepts of the future.

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  • Seminars About Long-term Thinking

    Hosted by Stewart Brand, This series is building a coherent,
    compelling body of ideas about long-term thinking.

  • The Interval

    A compelling venue for conversation that invites visitors to
    spend time in a place that itself encourages long-term thinking.

  • 10,000 Year Clock

    The 10,000 Year Clock Project was conceived
    by Danny Hillis as a monument to long-term thinking.

  • The Rosetta Project

    The Rosetta Project is now the largest collection
    of linguistic data on the Net.

  • PanLex

    PanLex is creating a collection of all the words of
    all the world's languages...

  • Long Server

    The overarching program for our digital
    continuity software projects.

  • The Organizational Continuity Project

    Creating organizations that last.

  • Long Bets

    Make predictions or bets about future
    events of importance.

  • Nevada

    We have purchased desert mountain land adjoining
    Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada.

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