People of Long Now

Mikko Jarvenpaa

Director of Development

Mikko has worked in the business of technology for over 20 years as an entrepreneur, operator, and investor. His expertise is in partnerships, strategic marketing, and social impact.

Mikko was the CEO of Infogram, a data visualization company that was acquired by Prezi in 02017. In 02018, Mikko founded Sentient Media, a journalism non-profit focused on animal welfare and the future of our food system. He has worked with venture capital and philanthropy on both sides of the Atlantic, and he was a founding partner of the innovation consultancy Gemic. Mikko’s first job out of college was with Google, where among other things, he was a product marketing manager for advertising products in EMEA (a job he left to be a tour manager for a metal band).

Mikko has a Master’s degree in Philosophy of the Social Sciences from the London School of Economics and an undergraduate degree from the Helsinki School of Economics.

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