People of Long Now

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Founder & Director, Untitled New Project

Nicholas is leading a new independent project at The Long Now Foundation—the storied San Francisco nonprofit where, for most of the last decade, he has served as both Director of Strategy and Director of Development.

His new project is untitled and in development for 02024. It is focused on the ‘thinking’ part of ‘long-term thinking’.

A journalist once asked Stewart Brand about a new project and he responded: “Very tentative. Very fragile. Probably, possibly might not happen. Don’t know who’s involved, if anybody. So I just can’t talk about it until it’s real enough to talk about, and maybe not then. No offense intended.” *

This project is born of that same spirit.

  • That project would go on to become Long Now, and the journalist who asked that question, Katherine Fulton, would go on to become the co-chair of its board some 20 years later.

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