People of Long Now

Alex Mensing

Former Assistant Manager of Museum & Store

Alex began working at Long Now in January of 02011. His experiences during the previous few years as a history student at American University in Washington, DC (during the cooler months) and a forest ecology researcher in Nevada, Colorado and Montana (during the warmer ones) both contributed to his interest in the Foundation’s long-term perspective. Through his field work in Nevada he has become familiar with the landscape where The Long Now Foundation is committed to developing a 10,000 year installation, and he hopes to continue exploring desert ecosystems in the future. He has studied abroad in Spain, Argentina, and Cuba.

Alex helps manage the Long Now Museum & Store and works at Long Now seminars and special events. He is also helping to develop the Foundation’s library. When he’s not at Long Now he works in a shop crafting wooden neckties, hosts large group dinners, plays music, and bakes bread.

Recent Ideas from Alex Mensing

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