People of Long Now

Danielle Engelman

Director of Programs

As Director of Programs for The Long Now Foundation, Danielle Engelman produces the monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking series as well as Long Now's other public programs and events such as Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings, Jem Finer's Longplayer; 1,000 years in 3 simultaneous acts and The Mechanicrawl.

Danielle developed Long Now’s membership program which was launched in 02006 and now includes 4500 members in more than forty countries. She continues to oversee the program and also edits the Quarterly News for Long Now members.

Prior to Long Now, Danielle was Project Manager for the installation of San Francisco’s beloved site-specific sculpture Defenestration by artist Brian Goggin. She has worked with the Burning Man Project, the SF Fringe Festival, and numerous other arts organizations in the Bay Area. She co-created and co-produced the long-running living artist series The Tentacle Sessions with Laughing Squid.

A lifelong resident of the San Francisco-Bay Area, Danielle studied Ancient Near Eastern Art and Architecture at U.C. Berkeley, is a trained jeweler and metal-worker, and worked as a teacher and school administrator in Montessori education. She continues to sit on the board of an educational non-profit.

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