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Filmed on Tuesday August 22, 02023

Bette Adriaanse, Chelsea T. Hicks

Radical Sharing

Bette Adriaanse

Bette Adriaanse is a writer and co-founder of TRQSE, an international network of artists and scientists working together on social issues. Her new novel What’s Mine revolves around topics of property and sharing, and she is interested in the ways our sharing habits influence our societies and our characters.

Chelsea T. Hicks

Chelsea T. Hicks is a writer and artist creating experimental work in her ancestral language of Wahzhazhe ie (Osage). Her collection of short stories is A Calm & Normal Heart.

Our bodies, our houses, our land, our space - we humans don’t always like to share. Author Bette Adriaanse talks with Chelsea T. Hicks, and virtual guests Brian Eno and Aqui Thami, about property and sharing, and how to make a lasting positive change in the way we share the world with each other. Alternating between thinkers and doers, whose actions help foster long term equality, this evening explores the choices that can be made to share time and resources with others in radical ways.

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