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Filmed on Saturday October 16, 02010

Nineteen Speakers

Long Conversation

Long Conversation, an epic relay of one-to-one conversations among some of the Bay Area's most interesting minds, took place over 6 hours in San Francisco on Saturday October 16, 02010. Interpreting the Long Conversation in real time was a data visualization performance by Sosolimited; an art and technology studio out of M.I.T.

Our Long Conversation speakers were:

Melissa Alexander • John Perry Barlow • Violet Blue • Stewart Brand • Stuart Candy • Danese Cooper • Jem Finer • Ken Foster • Katherine Fulton • Saul Griffith • Paul Hawken • Emily Levine • Jane McGonigal • Peter Schwartz • Tiffany Shlain • Robin Sloan • Jill Tarter • Ken Wilson • Pete Worden

Long Conversation was presented with a live performance of 1,000 minutes of composer Jem Finer's Longplayer.

Long Conversation was a 6 hour relay of 19 minute one-to-one conversations among 19 speakers. Each speaker has an un-scripted conversation with the speaker before them, and then speaks with the next participant to come on stage before they themselves rotate off. The only instructions they were given was the over-arching theme of long-term thinking. Topics ranged from the inception of the 1000 year Longplayer composition to the NASA/DARPA 100 Year Starship program announced publicly for the first time.

At the live event the Long Conversation was interpreted in real time though a data visualization performance by Sosolimited; an art and technology studio out of M.I.T. Long Conversation was also presented with a live performance of 1,000 minutes of composer Jem Finer's Longplayer. This conversation format was borrowed from a Longplayer event originally done in London with Art Angel.

Below are the links to the conversations and a little bit of information about each of them:

Stewart Brand & Jem Finer discuss the origins of Longplayer and how Finer connected with Long Now before the year 02000.
Jem Finer & Saul Griffith discuss invention, modeling systems and energy of the future.
Saul Griffith & Emily Levine discuss socks, polling, sex with people they dislike, and science in general
Emily Levine & Jill Tarter discuss the search for extra terrestrial intelligence and how great it is to be a scientist.
Jill Tarter & Robin Sloan discuss Fermi equations, modeling star systems and scientific literacy.
Robin Sloan & Violet Blue discuss media invention, Twitter, transformation of porn, and the future of journalism.
Violet Blue & John Perry Barlow discuss techno-utopia, censorship, religion, slander, the difficulty of being sex positive, and answer the question: What is truth?
John Perry Barlow & Ken Wilson discuss getting more Africa into the internet, why Europeans are boring, diversity, identity, and building a self organizing government.
Ken Wilson & Melissa Alexander discuss the relationship of art and science, citizen scientists, and how to study landscape level environments.
Melissa Alexander & Ken Foster discuss the origins of scientific education in the US, maker culture, and artistic traditions around the world.
Ken Foster & Pete Worden discuss why NASA is not a waste of money, Saudi astronauts, and the singularity.
Pete Worden & Peter Schwartz discuss Mars and the new 100 Year Starship program.
Peter Schwartz & Danese Cooper discuss global economy, networks, and the future of Wikipedia.
Danese Cooper & Stuart Candy discuss paper encyclopedias, Long Now, gifts to the future, and how to build Wikipedia in the developing world.
Stuart Candy & Katherine Fulton discuss creating new futures, scenario planning, and how people discount the future.
Katherine Fulton & Paul Hawken discuss global fear, transforming community, and the evolution of journalism.
Paul Hawken & Tiffany Shlain discuss new tools of social revolution, delusions in global arguments, and systems thinking.
Tiffany Shlain & Jane McGonigal discuss connectedness, space flights to the sun, and "gamefullness."
Jane McGonigal & Stewart Brand discuss the origins of New Games, getting more people to design games, and a worldwide 1000 year game.

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We would also like to recognize George Cowan (01920 - 02012) for being the first to sponsor this series.

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