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Filmed on Tuesday October 20, 02020

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Long Now Member Ignite Talks 02020

More than 10,000 people across 60+ countries have signed up to become a member of The Long Now Foundation. Our membership includes students, CEOs, writers, scientists, parents, politicians, musicians, artists, naturalists, journalists, professionals, famers, explorers, astronauts and more - we welcome all ages, races and genders to join the organization and share the ideas about long-term thinking and responsibility with their friends, families and networks.

The Long Now Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to fostering long-term thinking and responsibility and we are entirely supported by donors and members. Membership connects you to a whole world of ideas, people and projects working to make a better future and your support will help inspire long-term thinking for generations to come.

For almost two decades, Long Now has produced hundreds of talks from the world’s leading long-term thinkers, and it’s all possible because of the support of our members and donors. Now, we are showcasing a curated set of short Ignite Talks created and given by the Long Now Members themselves.

With thousands of members from all around the world, from artists and writers to engineers and farmers, our community has a wide range of perspectives, stories, and experience to offer. What's an Ignite talk? It's a story format created by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis that's exactly 5 minutes long, told by a speaker who's working with 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds (ready or not).

These Ignite talks will range from geeky, fanciful, poignant, educational, with some fresh angles on long-term thinking. The talks will be streamed live on all of our Long Now channels.

Our Ignite Speakers and Their Talks:
Catherine Chalmers: Collaborating with Insects
Allison Cooper: Activism as Futurism: Imagining Better Worlds
Danese Cooper: Change Agents (and How to Become One)
Jason Crawford: Instant stone (just add water!)
Stewart Dickson: Plastic Mathematics in the Clock
Michael Garfield: Deepfakes & The Archaic Revival
Quentin Hardy: The Great Dead End
Asmara Marek: The Future of Storytelling
Louis Metzger: Our future drugs will come from the oceans; Can we save them in time?
Marc Pomerleau: Leways: The Story of a Chinatown Pool Hall
Patricia Ravasio: Lost Visions of the Leonardo da Vinci of the 20th Century
Madeline Sunley: Art and Time: Axial Precession, archaeoastronomy, and marking a desert nuclear waste site for the next ten millennia
Scott Thrift: A Longer Now

We've moved our talks to a virtual format, and to share them with a wider audience, the live streams are now public on the Long Now Live Stream page and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

We continue to release media from all of our talks and you can follow the series by subscribing to the podcasts, watching the videos and highlights and connecting with Long Now on our social channels.

Long Now is able to continue our work thanks to the ongoing support of members and donors. Please consider joining our global community of long-term thinkers. Membership starts at just $8/month and takes two minutes to set up. Special one-time donations are also appreciated, and all of your support will help us foster more long-term thinking. Thank you so much.

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SALT Summaries Book

$2.99 Also available as a paperback book

Condensed ideas about long-term thinking summarized by Stewart Brand
(with Kevin Kelly, Alexander Rose and Paul Saffo) and a foreword by Brian Eno.

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David and Abby Rumsey • Kim Polese • The Kaphan Foundation • Garrett Gruener • Scorpio Rising Fund • Peter Baumann • Brian Eno • Greg Stikeleather • Cameo Wood • Ping Fu • Peter Schwartz • Lawrence Wilkinson • Ken and Maddy Dychtwald • Future Ventures • Ken and Jackie Broad • AtoB • WHH Foundation • Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan • Jackson Square Partners Foundation • The Long Now Members

We would also like to recognize George Cowan (01920 - 02012) for being the first to sponsor this series.

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