The Interval at Long Now Bottle Keep: Time in a Bottle

Lance Winters, Master Distiller of St. George Spirits, says the nature of his craft is to archive the essence of a time and place. Lance has helped us make an aromatic gin featuring Juniper berries harvested amongst the 5,000 year-old Bristlecone Pines on Long Now’s Nevada site. Our gin will only be served at the The Interval at Long Now. Supporters of the Founders Bottle Club campaign can reserve a bottle of this rare Long Now spirit and help fund the construction of The Interval. Bottles are still available contact us for details.

Prototype Long Now gin at St George Spirits photo by Jillian Northrup

Lance sees parallels between the art eau de vie distillation and the mission of Long Now:

We take a photograph of the way something smells and tastes and we lock that away on the most archival format we can do. You can crack a bottle of our stuff open a hundred years from now and it’s going to smell the same way it did, by and large, as when we distilled it. So we’re able to capture an olfactory slice of time.

So, you should expect Long Now gin to taste like this:

Long Now's Nevada property on Mount Washington photo by mikl-em

More videos about The Interval and related projects on the Long Now Vimeo page.

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