Support Long Now and The Interval with a tax deductible donation and reserve your own numbered bottle of artisan gin or whiskey, or get a Long Now Challenge Coin. Email us for details.

The Interval was built thanks to a ‘brickstarter’ campaign which helped fund construction. The Interval opened in June 02014. Come visit us, we are open 10AM to midnight every day.

A place for conversation, celebrating long-term thinking

Brian Eno, one of Long Now’s founding board members, has designed a custom sound and light installation for The Interval. Sitting behind the bar, the installation provides an ever changing kaleidoscopic center piece that is never the same.

In 02006 the Long Now museum in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center began modestly, a showcase for prototypes of our long-term projects while the foundation's staff worked upstairs. As we held more events in the space it became clear that such gatherings are integral to our core mission to promote conversation around long-term thinking and responsibility.

Each year thousands visit our headquarters in San Francisco. Now The Interval provides all our visitors with a place that is welcoming and inspiring whether they are students, tourists, local residents, and whether it's their first visit or they are long-time members

With The Interval we have re-made our space to better represent Long Now and serve all our guests. The design vision was to create a compelling venue for conversation that invites visitors to spend time in a place that itself encourages long-term thinking. It's a work in progress, but we are off to a great start.

We partnered with the design-build studio Because We Can to create a gathering space that features a floor-to-ceiling library, state-of-the-art A/V system, unique art by Brian Eno, and Long Now prototypes and artifacts. We serve artisan tea & coffee by day and inspired cocktails by night. The Interval also hosts live events and activities for our members and the public.

The Interval is a social hub that we intend to help make long-term thinking more instinctive and common, rather than difficult and rare. Our new venue and extended hours also broaden Long Now's public outreach and increase opportunities for our members to connect with each other. The Interval also serves as a funding source for Long Now's ongoing operations.

All contributions to The Long Now Foundation (501c3) are tax deductible to the extent of the law minus the fair market value of any gifts you choose to receive

  • Challenge Coin: $3
  • Window Flask: $18
  • Founders Tea: $150
  • Founders Bottle: $90
  • Founders Whiskey: $90
The Interval at Long Now



donors helped build The Interval

The Interval Donor Page

Donate $10 or more

Many thanks! Your name will be posted on our online Interval Donor Page. As with all levels, you have the option to support anonymously.

Long Now Challenge Coin

Donate $100 or more

A custom designed hefty stainless steel coin engraved with a Bristlecone Pine on one side and our Carpe Millennium logo on the other. Keep it to use as a Challenge Coin or exchange it at The Interval for any beverage including a drink with our off-the-menu spirits.

Window Flask

Donate $500 or more

A stainless steel flask adorned with the Long Now logo. You will also receive a Challenge Coin to keep or exchange for a drink of our limited edition gin or whiskey.

Founders Tea Club

Donate $1,500 or more

only 365 available

Reserve a vessel of rare 01989 vintage Suncha Pu-erh tea leaves personally sourced and selected by Samovar Tea founder Jesse Jacobs. Your tea will be hung in The Interval’s bottle keep ready for you to visit and enjoy it. Each of your 15-20 servings of Pu-erh can be infused up to 20 times. You also receive a Challenge Coin and flask.

Founders Bottle Club

Donate $1,500 or more

only 365 available

Reserve a bottle of one of three artisan spirits created for Long Now by Lance Winters of St. George Spirits. Our bourbon, single malt whiskey, and Bristlecone Gin are only available at The Interval, and only for Bottle Club donors. Includes a tasting to decide which spirit is your favorite. Your bottle will be stored in the rafters of The Interval, in the Japanese bottle keep tradition, ready to drink when you visit. You also get a Challenge Coin and Long Now flask. $500 refill

Manual for Civilization shelf dedication

Donate $10,000 or more

Our crowd curated library of long-term thinking will be filled with the best 3,500 volumes to restart civilization. Your name or dedication of choice will be etched on one of the library shelves. You will also have your choice of the Tea or Bottle Club, a Long Now flask and Challenge Coin.

Founders Whiskey Club

Donate $25,000 or more

only 2 remaining

The 15 Year Founders Whiskey Bottle. Your bottle will be displayed on a special shelf with an engraved nameplate. Each year for 15 years your bottle will be filled with the new bottling of our unique whiskey as it ages. You will also receive a Manual for Civilization shelf dedication, have your choice of the Tea or Bottle Club, a Long Now flask, and Challenge Coin.