Jem Finer Performs at the Exploratorium

Jem Finer, composer of the 1,000 year long composition Longplayer and a founding member of the band The Pogues, will be performing at the Exploratorium on Thursday, April 10, 02014. The event will be the fourth installment of Resonance, a new music series that explores “distant realms of musical possibility.” The Exploratorium describes the upcoming performance as follows:

The evening will feature a conversation with Finer and host Sarah Cahill and performances of “Original Soundtrack #5” and “Starfield.”  Finer’s “Original Soundtrack #5” is an inversion of the usual supporting role of the soundtrack. Finer gathered sound using a video camera, then draws upon this raw material to compose improvisational films whose visual component is a byproduct of these sound juxtapositions. The Exploratorium performance of “Original Soundtrack #5” will also include new material recorded in San Francisco. In addition, Finer will perform “Starfield.” Each star shines with a unique spectrum of light frequencies. By translating these into sound, Finer generated the raw material for this celestial composition.

The event will be held at the Exploratorium’s Kanbar Forum, which features a Meyer sound system – similar to the one Long Now will have at The Interval. This performance is part of the After Dark series; tickets to Resonance can be purchased here and include admission to the main After Dark event after the performance is over. Seating in the Kanbar Forum is limited and on a first come first serve basis, so it is recommended to arrive before the show time of 7:00pm.

Previous performances can be viewed on the Resonance website; you can expect to see Jem Finer’s added here in a few weeks.

Long Now hosted a performance of Longplayer and a Long Conversation event in 02010 in San Francisco. Audio of Jem Finer’s conversation with Stewart Brand from that event is in our Seminar section (video available for members).

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