People of Long Now

Clock Team

Danny Hillis

Cofounder and Member of the Board of Directors

W. Daniel ("Danny") Hillis is the co-founder of Applied Invention, an interdisciplinary group of engineers, scientists and artists that develop technology solutions in partnership with leading companies and entrepreneurs. He is also the co-founder of Applied Minds, visiting professor at the MIT Media Lab, the Widney Professor of Engineering and Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC), professor of research medicine at the Keck

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Alexander Rose

Executive Director & Secretary of the Board

Alexander is an industrial designer and has been working with The Long Now Foundation and computer scientist Danny Hillis since 01997 to build a monument scale, all mechanical 10,000 Year Clock. Alexander speaks about the work of The Long Now Foundation all over the world at venues ranging from the TED conference to corporations and government agencies.

As the director of Long Now, Alexander

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Marisa McKay

Project Manager for The Clock

Marisa is the project manager for The Clock of the Long Now. She has 20 years of experience in the architectural, marketing, and entertainment industries with emphasis in experiential design.

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Jascha Little

Lead Clock Engineer

Jascha is a native of Austin, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas with a mechanical engineering degree in 01999. He's been a Jaguar mechanic, an automation engineer for semiconductor fabrication, a Java website administrator, a hobby BattleBots builder, and finally, with a move to Los Angeles, a prototyping engineer, working on many different mechanical engineering and robotics projects. He's currently the lead engineer

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Zoe Stephenson

Clock Engineer

Zoe Maurine Stephenson is a Seattle, Washington native. She left Seattle for college at Brown University in Rhode Island, where she pursued chemistry. She pivoted into mechanical engineering shortly after graduating from college, and she now does prototyping engineering and fabrication on a variety of projects, from windmill design to handheld electronics to autonomous robots.

She currently works on the 10,000 Year Clock designing

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Luke Khanlian

Clock Engineer

Luke is a Design Engineer working on a mechanical clock intended to tick for 10,000 years. Starting as a mechanic’s apprentice at age 15, he began to accumulate tools and skills that would lead him to a career in Special Effects for film and television. In the early 2000’s Luke saw an opportunity steer towards Robotics and Rapid Prototyping. While competing in

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Chris Rand

Machinist and Fabricator

Chris began working with us in mid 01997 and has been an invaluable asset to the Clock project. Chris has been a machinest/builder for many Americas Cup racing syndicates, Survival Research Labs, Skellington Studios and Industrial Light and Magic.

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Dave Miner

Fabrication Specialist

Miner is a 27-year employee of Machinists Inc., a Seattle machine shop. At Machinists Inc, he spent 10 years working on lasers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and has worked on countless projects for Boeing. He is now the primary representative at Machinist Inc. for the Clock Project work.

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Brian Ford

Clock Engineer

Brian is a third generation San Francisco native with 25 years experience in the design, fabrication and installation of sculptural, architectural and industrial projects. He has worked as a design engineer, art fabricator, sculptor, metal fabricator/machinist, and as an architectural designer. Brian graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in fine art. He is the proprietor of Metropolis Design Studio,

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Jake Faw

Machinist/Fabricator & Clock Install

Jake has been involved with The Long Now Foundation since 02006 when he began his machining apprenticeship with Chris Rand at the age of 15. Cutting his teeth through the production and assembly of several early clock prototypes, Jake worked to hone his skills as a machinist, eventually working his way up to a position as the lead CNC programmer and set-up machinist at Rand

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Stuart Kendall

Principal at Seattle Solstice

Stuart is a founding partner and Principal of Seattle Solstice, one of the most technically advanced stone cutting facilities in the world and a consonance of art & engineering.  Undergraduate work in physics at Carleton College transposed to a degree from the Eastman School of Music. He co-founded Enclume, Inc. a premier decorative art forging company begun in 01973 that is recognized internationally today. As

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Greg Staples

Clock Engineer

Greg is a mechanical design engineer with over twenty years of experience working on a broad range of products.  He has designed and helped develop consumer electronics, industrial electronics, equipment and test fixtures, toys and an array of strange mechanical devices.  

He has extensive experience with every aspect of the design process from initial concept and specification development through production and transition to manufacturing.  He

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