People of Long Now

Greg Staples

Clock Engineer

Greg is a mechanical design engineer with over twenty years of experience working on a broad range of products.  He has designed and helped develop consumer electronics, industrial electronics, equipment and test fixtures, toys and an array of strange mechanical devices.  

He has extensive experience with every aspect of the design process from initial concept and specification development through production and transition to manufacturing.  He has worked directly with tooling vendors and functioned in a sustaining engineering role for many of my projects.

He has experience working with large teams, coordinating design efforts and developing entire products alone.

His specialties include:
Injection molded part design
Die cast part design
Sheet metal part design
CNC production part design
Aluminum and plastic extrusion design
Mechanism design
3-D printed and other rapid prototyping methods
Gasket design
Detailed production drawings

Cad Packages:
Creo (Pro/e)

Here are a few companies he has helped develop products, assembly and test equipment for:
Shaper Tools
Fuse Project
Tile Inc
Square Inc
Applied Materials
Trimble Navigation
Calibra Medical Inc.

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