People of Long Now

Jake Faw

Machinist/Fabricator & Clock Install

Jake has been involved with The Long Now Foundation since 02006 when he began his machining apprenticeship with Chris Rand at the age of 15. Cutting his teeth through the production and assembly of several early clock prototypes, Jake worked to hone his skills as a machinist, eventually working his way up to a position as the lead CNC programmer and set-up machinist at Rand Machine Works.

This position has allowed him a unique opportunity to be heavily involved in the production, assembly and testing of both the power system and chime generator of the 10,000 Year Clock as well as the opportunity to be a part of the install effort at the clock site in Texas.

If he's not in the machine shop, Jake is most likely on a bicycle riding the many trails and fire roads in his native Marin County, CA.

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