Violet Blue Talks Privacy at The Interval: June 17, 02014

Violet Blue speaks about privacy at The Interval on June 17

Next up in Long Now’s newly launched series of salon talks is author/blogger Violet Blue who will use her latest book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy as a starting point to talk about tech, gender and long-term sustainable privacy models on Tuesday, June 17 at The Interval, our new public space at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy is a guidebook for how to keep your online personal life under your own control with advice for reducing vulnerability to identity theft, being smarter about social media, and how to keep from being hacked. Plus what to do if you are hacked (or worse). It covers fundamental and advanced privacy topics with a focus on the privacy needs of women. It has been recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Written in plain, user-friendly language and covering everything from revenge porn to identity theft to online dating, The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy is specifically geared toward women and other vulnerable members of the online population, who need guidance navigating the murky, often treacherous waters of the Internet.
The Daily Dot

The beauty of Blue’s book is that its useful for readers with varying levels of online privacy knowledge. It doesn’t gloss over the small stuff, like why giving out your name and phone number poses a threat, yet it speaks to more complex issues, like navigating the legal system and the internet when you need photos taken down from a site. The result is an engaging, timely, and instructive read that gets women up to speed on the privacy measure they need to take.
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author and blogger Violet Blue

Violet Blue writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBSNews (previously Oprah Magazine, MacLife, SF Appeal and the San Francisco Chronicle). She has written 40+ books and her sexuality blog TinyNibbles is awarded, infamous, and Not Safe For most Works. She took part in Long Now’s Long Conversation in 02010 and recommended books for the Manual for Civilization.

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