The ultimate present

Ori Gersht :: Time After Time: Blow Up No. 12 (02007) :: Image at Mummery+Schnelle

Featured in the September/October edition of Art on Paper magazine, the work of Israel-born, London-based photographer Ori Gersht. His series “Time After Time” (02007) features floral still lifes in the process of exploding, with a surreal and vivid beauty. The frozen violence of the images has a mesmerizing, tranquil feel about it.

These decidedly short nows, according to a quote from Gersht in the article, capture “that moment of suspension, when everything is about to disintegrate, about to fly apart, but is still together. It’s the ultimate present.”

What a powerful metaphor for the darker view of our Long Now — the slowly unfolding ecological and social crises of the age…

Ori Gersht :: Time After Time: Blow Up No. 3 (02007) :: Image at Mummery+Schnelle

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