Construction of The Interval at Long Now: Shelves and Booths


photos by Catherine Borgeson (except where noted)

We’ve talked a lot in recent weeks about the Manual for Civilization and all the books we are adding based on suggestions from Brian Eno, Kevin Kelly, Maria Popova, Violet Blue, Stewart Brand and others (see the lists). Now we can start to show you where those books will go at The Interval, as the first of our floor-to-ceiling library shelves are put in place.

We love the images that our designers put together of The Interval. See them here, where you can also donate to help us complete funding of the project. And get amazing Long Now stuff as a thank you.

The Interval at Long Now

But it gets really exciting when we can compare the design to what the space looks like today. There’s been huge progress recently, you can see the new venue starting to emerge from the concrete dust and tool-strewn worksite. Here’s what it looked like in January when Brian Eno visited the site:

Brian Eno visits the future site of The Interval Brian Eno visited The Interval construction in January
photo by Alexander Rose

We have come a long way since the photo above with all the electrical, plumbing and walls done now.

We have featured the original concrete and steel as a tribute to when this space was the blacksmith shop in the days when the US Army ran Fort Mason.

Just this week the built-in seating was installed:

The Interval at Long Now Under Construction

And here are the same booths in cardboard and in concept….

The Interval at Long Now Under Construction

Soon. Not yet days. But weeks not months or years. It won’t be too long… Help us build it.

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