Slowing down

This wonderful video posted online last week by New York-based performance art collective Improv Everywhere showcases their latest project, “Frozen Grand Central”, which mischievously targeted victims of the Big Apple’s notoriously short now.

At first I wondered whether this had anything to do with the campaign by Adbusters Media Foundation, a Vancouver-based activist network, to promote a Slow Down Week in the middle of last month (13-19 January 02008).

Apparently not.

Now, I love the idea of staging performance art simply to cause “scenes of chaos and joy in public places”, as Improv Everywhere’s website has it, but Adbusters really could have used this kind of intervention to boost to its cause. (At the time of writing, googling the phrase “Slow down week” yields 7,050 hits; “Frozen grand central” gets 22,900.) Personally, I clean forgot about Slow Down week for the duration. It was the start of semester and one of my busiest weeks in the past year. Oops.

(Nice find, Zander.)

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