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UPDATE 2/28/13: Revive & Restore announces TEDxDeExtinction, to be held March 15th 02013:



Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan discuss the Revive and Restore project with Walter Isaacson at the 02012 Aspen Environment Forum:

A new initiative within The Long Now Foundation has the goal of “deep ecological enrichment through extinct species revival.” Named Revive and Restore,” the project is co-directed by Stewart Brand, co-founder and President of The Long Now Foundation, and Ryan Phelan, former CEO of DNA Direct. Revive and Restore is convening a series of meetings of de-extinction pioneers from all over the world, bringing together revivers of particular species (Woolly mammoth, European aurochs, Pryrenean ibex, and others), practitioners of various techniques (such as cloning, homologous recombination, and back-breeding), along with ancient-DNA specialists, ecologists, conservation biologists, and bioethicists. Revive and Restore is focussing its own de-extinction efforts on the passenger pigeon (extinct 1914), working with the genome of its closest living relative, the band-tailed pigeon.

The first public glimpses into the project came in the interview with Stewart by NPR’s Neal Conan for “Talk of the Nation” on June 25 and the conversation between Stewart Brand, Ryan Phelan and Walter Isaacson at the 02012 Aspen Environment Forum.

Stewart Brand discusses the Revive and Restore project with Neal Conan



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