Our lust for metal is great.

Caterpillar’s largest dump truck. From Mining Show 08

Earlier in September the Millennium Clock design team had an all hands meeting at the Las Vegas Mining Expo.  It is only held once every 4 years as it is so difficult and expensive for the companies to bring their machinery there.  Since we are planning on using a combination of mining and quarrying techniques (as well as inventing some new rock removal methods), it seemed like a good opportunity to see the state of the mining industry.  In addition Greg Baiden, our mining engineer, was showing his latest robotic scoop truck at the show that uses light pulses to transmit video and data.  My three main take aways from the event:

  1. We all agreed that it was hands down the coolest trade show any of us have EVER attended.  Sign up now for the next one in 02012 and give yourself two days to see it all.
  2. It is amazing to me that – with the exception of Greg’s stuff – that there was basically no robotics on display there.  This is bizarre for an industry that has huge labor costs and the most dangerous work environment in the world.
  3. The machines we build to extract metals and minerals from the earth are the most terrifying machines in the world.

Here are some more pics:

View of the rear axle and bed – From Mining Show 08
Paolo and Greg with a raise bore bit, From Mining Show 08
The Liebherr excavator – From Mining Show 08
The explosives candy store – From Mining Show 08
V20 Quad Turbo Diesel – From Mining Show 08
Coal Extractor – From Mining Show 08
Jason and the Hitachi excavator From Mining Show 08
Danny Hillis and the excavator – From Mining Show 08

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