Laura Welcher speaks at Rhizome 7 x 7

Last month, Long Now’s Laura Welcher was part of the group of artists and technologists that were invited to Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference in New York City. Welcher and artist Hayal Pozanti presented their art project WantNot. From Art News:

“Fate brought us together,” Laura Welcher, the director of operations at the Long Now Foundation, said admiringly of her partner that day, the artist Hayal Pozanti. United by a shared interest in linguistics, the two self-classified “language nerds” presented a new work—WantNot, a glyph of sorts intended to communicate mutual respect to future humans (or aliens) who might come upon it. They 3D-printed their curious object, which resembles an abstract bird with its head bent, using terracotta, a biodegradable substance. And they shared the news that anyone who wanted to could do the same, thanks to a website they built. “We encourage the idea of not getting too attached to wanting WantNot,” Pozanti said.

Read the Art News writeup in full here.

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