Emerald Observatory iPad app

This is my hands-down favorite clock for the iPad, and could well be the coolest astronomic/civil clock I’ve ever seen: http://emeraldsequoia.com/eo/

Emerald Observatory has everything a time geek could ever want, plus everything an astro geek would want, all in a stunningly elegant interface.

[decription below from Emerald]
Emerald Observatory displays a wealth of astronomical information all on one screen, in a unique but understandable format.

  • Times of rise and set for the Sun, the Moon, and the 5 classical planets
  • Times of the beginning and ending of twilight
  • Heliocentric orrery (display of the planets in orbit around the Sun)
  • Altitude and azimuth for the same bodies (one body at a time)
  • Current phase and apparent orientation and relative size of the moon
  • Current regions of day and night on a world map
  • The Equation of Time, solar time, UTC time, and sidereal time
  • Month, day, year, and leap-year indicator
  • Daily alarm
  • Displayed times are synchronized via NTP to “atomic clock” standard
  • Uses iPad location, or the latitude and longitude may be set manually

A setting is available to allow the display to stay on continuously.

Tap on the display to move forward by a month, day, year, or minute.

If you are having any trouble with the application whatsoever, please see our FAQ on the support page listed below and then contact us through that page if your problem is not resolved. We take pride in responding promptly to all support email requests.

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