Brian Eno to Help Judge Data Visualization Awards

Hungry for information, but bored by graphs and pie charts? Then pay a visit to Information is Beautiful, a site dedicated to all things informational – and all things pretty. Its pages showcase models and graphics that reveal what can happen when data presentation is combined with an eye for design and aesthetics.

The site is now hosting the first global award competition for data visualization, and recently announced that Long Now Board member Brian Eno has joined its panel of judges.

Along with his fellow evaluators, Eno will be reviewing submissions for awards in a variety of categories, ranging from “Interactive Visualisations” to “Data Journalism” and “Information Art.” The most prestigious award, however, is reserved – quite simply – for the “Most Beautiful” design.

Submissions are due by May 31st and they’ll announce winners at the end of July.

Check out the website for more (artfully rendered) information about the competition, and a look at the submissions; the general public gets to vote, too!

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