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Radio producer Aengus Anderson began a project earlier this year with the goal of facilitating a conversation about the paradigms we may have to leave behind if we’re to build the future we want. Over the next several months, he’ll be motorcycling all over the United States and discussing the future with thinkers, do-ers, artists and makers. He posts those recordings on The Conversation and invites listeners to give feedback, offer critique, and to suggest questions for future participants:

The Conversation is a new type of media project. It’s not journalism, documentary, or oral history. Instead, it is an asynchronous conversation about the future between a cross-section of American thinkers and you, our participants on the web. Aengus is going to be traveling America from May to October, posting two audio interviews a week and carrying ideas from one interviewee to the next. As Aengus travels, you will be able to join the conversation online, commenting on specific interviews and suggesting themes and questions for Aengus to pursue in upcoming interviews.

He sat down recently with Long Now’s Alexander Rose to talk about long-term thinking, the 10,000 Year Clock, and generational-scale problem solving. Alexander’s interview is the seventh in the series, with many more to come!

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