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Starting at noon, tickets can be purchased and picked up at either Pier 45 by the USS Pampanito or at The Long Now Museum & Store.

Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for children (under 6 are free) and $11 for students and seniors or free to members of any of the Main Attractions.

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Saturday July 12, 02008

The Mechanicrawl

from Noon to 8pm

Spend a summer day exploring the mechanical marvels along San Francisco's North Shore! See giant running steam engines, turn of the century automata, mechanical computers and more...


Visit the Exploratorium's famed interactive exhibits on science, art and human perception. Summer highlights include the Superstition Obstacle Course and Mind, which features over 40 new exhibits on cognitive thinking.


The Long Now Museum and Store

An eight foot high mechanical planetarium, a "walking bearing", the Equation of Time Cam, a sphere of solid tungsten, a microetched language archive and more... All of these exhibits are part of the Long Now's project to build a Clock to last for 10,000 years. There will be tours, demonstrations, and a chance to meet the team who are building the Clock.


Musee Mecanique

See turn of the century automata including San Francisco's own "Laffing Sal", mechanically operated musical instruments, a rare steam powered motorcycle, classic video games from the 70's on and much, much more. There are over 200 coin operated machines, so bring your extra change! Second generation curator Dan Zelinsky will be giving demonstrations, tours and behind the scenes anecdotes on this amazing collection.

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  • Admission is free every day

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Working exhibits of block and tackle, capstans to load and unload cargo, a giant Fresnel lens and more boat lore and mechanical ingenuity await you at this waterfront park. Historic ships are docked along side the Hyde Street Pier with a backdrop of spectacular views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.


SS Jeremiah O'Brien

There are few places on earth where you can be inside a giant running steam engine. The O'Brien's engine room puts the steam back in steam punk. This massive engine room of one of the last few Liberty Ships, many of which were made here in the Bay Area, was used as the engine room set for the Titanic movie! The engines will be running for Mechanicrawl.

USS Pampanito

The USS Pampanito diesel electric submarine has recently completed a renovation of its Torpedo Data Computer, one of the most complex electro-mechanical computers ever put into service. The technicians involved in the renovation will be running demonstrations of the unit in the usually off-limits conning tower. Submarine veterans will be on hand to discuss other elements of the craft including an Electronic Cipher Machine, the Periscopes, Hydraulic Systems and more!

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