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Long Now Wine
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The Long Now wine was named after us by Pelissero, a small high quality winery in the Langhe region of Italy (In the Piedmont area in sight of the Italian Alps). The Pelissero family has been farming in the region for four generations and wine has been grown in their area at least since Roman times. Each bottles cork was flame marked and each label printed on archival paper. Each wine dealer was also shipped a booklet and an informational CD (with music by Brian Eno) about the wine and our Foundation so that they could explain it to their customers.

The wine is a blend of their legendary Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes and is a strong unfiltered, teeth staining wine. It is excellent and is getting better with age. It has already received several good reviews and has been picked up at many restaurants and fine wine dealers world wide (Including Spago of Beverly Hills). It sells for about $45.00/bottle in US shops and about $90.00 in restaurants.

Pelissero's Long Now wine is also available at Beltramo’s Wine, Menlo Park 94025, 650-325-2806.
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