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January 07003 Bell Studies CD 25.00
"...this album changes the flow of personal time...a meditative, expansive world unfolds with no limits on the imagination." -CD Baby

Brian Eno created this album both as a tribute to Long Now, and as an artistic expression of the vast swathes of time represented by the sheer "long-termness" of the philosophy behind the 10,000 Year Clock.

"When we started thinking about The Clock, we naturally wondered what kind of sound it could make to announce the passage of time. I had nurtured an interest in bells for many years, and this seemed like a good alibi for taking it a bit deeper". Brian Eno

The sounds on the album are entirely synthesizer-based, although Eno studied the actual physics of bell tones in order to simulate the kinds of bells familiar to modern ears. He also tried to imagine what bells might sound like in the future, which took him "out of the bounds of current physical and material possibilities...imagine bells with quite different physical properties from those we now know."

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