People of Long Now

Kurt Bollacker

Digital Research Director


Kurt is a computer scientist with a research background in the areas of machine learning, digital libraries, and electro-cardiographic modeling. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and was co-creator of the CiteSeer research tool while a researcher at The NEC Research Institute . He was the technical director of The Internet Archive, and a research engineer at the Duke University Medical Center. His personal interests include vegetarian cooking, travel, and helping to build the community at spaceship.com. (list of speaking engagements.)

Tre Balchowsky

Interval Producer

Kurt Bollacker

Digital Research Director

Shannon Breen

Assistant Video Editor

Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz

Director of Strategy

Ty Caudle

Beverage Director for The Interval

Casey Cripe

Member Program Associate

KC Crowell

Operations Associate

Danielle Engelman

Director of Programs

Ahmed Kabil


Jacob Kuppermann

Social Media Manager

Dan Linder

Technical Lead

Michael McElligott

Interval Producer (01970 - 02020)

Justin Oliphant

Video Director and Editor

Forrest Pound

Video Director and Editor

Alexander Rose

Executive Director & Secretary of the Board

Andrew Warner

Product Manager & Producer

Laura Welcher

Director of Operations and The Long Now Library

Juliann Witt

Member Program Coordinator

Deborah Yoon Zacharias

Development Associate