People of Long Now

Dan Richardson

Long Now Research Fellow

Dan is a creative director, application designer, and inventor who is passionate about developing software tools that amplify peoples’ ways of thinking, knowing, and being.

Dan's interest in the long arc of time began when he first encountered the Cosmic Calendar presented by Carl Sagan in the original 01980 Cosmos series. Dan struggled to reconcile why this representation of time omitted the future. He began designing and constructing alternative models of time for his own use in the late 01990’s.

During his formal training in architecture and environmental design, Dan’s studies focused on the intersection of technology and creativity. Throughout his professional career he has held creative roles in advertising, and digital and print media. Dan’s art-direction and design work has gained international awards and recognition.

In the late 02000’s, Dan’s attention shifted to developing mobile and web applications. He has been granted multiple utility and design patents for his software and interface designs.

Dan has founded multiple software as a service companies. He also served as a consultant to organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, across a wide range of industries including, publishing, packaged goods, food products, medical services, and action-sports industries.

Dan is currently focused on creating applications that expand people’s perception of time and their sense of agency within it.

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