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Johanna Hoffman

Contributor, Ideas

Johanna Hoffman is an urbanist, researcher, and writer working in the space between design, planning, fiction, and futures. She specializes in developing tools, tactics, and strategies for navigating greater degrees of urban uncertainty and change. A founder of the research and action institute Design for Adaptation, she uses strategic planning and speculative practice to help communities, cities, and organizations survey the impacts of potential futures and spur proactive adaptation. Hoffman holds an MLA in landscape architecture and environmental planning from UC Berkeley and has worked for urban design firms on award-winning projects around the world. She been a fellow at institutions including the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the European Futures Observatory, the Berggruen Institute, and USC. Her first book, Speculative Futures: Design Approaches to Navigate Change, Foster Resilience, and Co-Create the Cities We Need (02022), is distributed by Penguin Random House. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hoffman will be speaking at Long Now on October 12, 02022.

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