People of Long Now

Greg Baiden

Principal at Penguin Automated Systems

Dr. Greg Baiden is Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Penguin Automated Systems Inc., a leading research and development company that provides mobile robotic technology solutions for numerous industries.

Dr. Baiden holds a PhD in Mining Engineering with a speciality in technology and economics and is a Professor at the Laurentian University School of Engineering where he teaches Mining and Automation Robotics. In 02001, he was awarded the prestigious Canadian Research Chair in Robotics and Mine Automation.

As an international authority in the field of Robotics and Automation, Dr. Baiden is a sought-after consultant, lecturer and speaker and has received numerous awards and distinctions in recognition of his visionary leadership.

Dr. Baiden holds a number of patents in mining automation systems including robotic positioning systems for applications in open pit, underground, subsea and space environments.

A member of Inco Limited’s Senior Management Team from 01986 - 02001, Dr. Baiden was responsible for all corporate mining research. This research involved pioneering telerobotic systems within the company and globally and included the conceptualization and implementation of the world’s first robotic mine prototype at the 175 Ore Body. Dr. Baiden was also the President of Automated Mining Systems, a spin-off of Inco Limited, specializing in communications and control systems for future mine production technology.

Dr. Baiden has served on the Board of Directors for Precarn Incorporated, the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation and the Art Gallery of Sudbury among others.

Kat Adams

Rosetta Intern & Museum Associate (02010 - 02011)

Samuel Arbesman

Long Now Research Fellow

Greg Baiden

Principal at Penguin Automated Systems

Roseann Baker

Member Program Associate (02016 - 02019)

Catherine Borgeson

Office Manager & Programs Associate (02012-02016)

Heather Marie Bowden

Long Now Research Fellow

Lonny J Avi Brooks

Long Now Research Fellow

Austin Brown

Programs Associate

Samo Burja

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Stuart Candy

Long Now Research Fellow

Todd Carnam

Beverage Director & Lead Bartender

Daniel Claussen

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Jennifer Colliau

Beverage Director for The Interval

Simone Davalos

Office Manager (02002 - 02008)

Camille Davila

Office Manager (01998 - 02001)

Whitney Deatherage

Associate Director of Operations (02011 - 02014)

Stewart Dickson

Consulting Engineer

Alicia Eggert

Long Now Research Fellow

Jake Faw

Machinist/Fabricator & Clock Install

Brian Ford

Clock Engineer

Michael Garfield

Community Manager

Jeff Good

Rosetta Technical Director

Veronica Graham

Office & Store Manager (02007 - 02008)

Charlotte Hajer

Outreach & Development Manager (02012 - 02015)

Tony Hansmann

Digital Infrastructure Consulting

Anton Hasell

Bell Maker

James Home

Product Designer

Robert Johnson

office manager (02001)

Joe Kacmarcik

system admin

Ben Keating

Designer & Developer (02003-02013)

Ting Kelly

Long Now Research Fellow

Stuart Kendall

Principal at Seattle Solstice

Luke Khanlian

Clock Engineer

Roman Krznaric

Long Now Research Fellow

Jascha Little

Lead Clock Engineer

Jim Mason

Director of the Rosetta Project (01999-02005)

Marisa McKay

Design Management Consultant for Clock One

Alex Mensing

Former Assistant Manager of Museum & Store

Dave Miner

Fabrication Specialist

Julie Momméja

Scholar-in-Residence at The Interval

Chris Rand

Machinist and Fabricator

Dan Richardson

Long Now Research Fellow

Alice Riddell

Writing Intern

Susan Shea

non-profit advisor

Kristen Shuken

Operations Associate (02016-02017)

Greg Staples

Clock Engineer

Zoe Stephenson

Clock Engineer

Contessa Trujillo

Office Manager (02009 - 02010)