People of Long Now

Alicia Eggert

Long Now Research Fellow

Alicia Eggert is an interdisciplinary artist whose work gives material form to language and time, the powerful but invisible forces that shape our perception of reality. Her creative practice is largely motivated by an existential pursuit to understand the linear and finite nature of human life within a seemingly infinite universe. She derives her inspiration from physics and philosophy, and her sculptures often co-opt the styles and structures of commercial signage to communicate messages that inspire reflection and wonder. Alicia creates neon signs that illuminate the way light travels across space and time, and billboards that allow Forever to appear and disappear in the fog. These artworks have been installed on building rooftops in Russia, on bridges in Amsterdam, and on uninhabited islands in Maine, beckoning us to ponder our place in the world and the role we play in it.

Eggert is currently an Associate Professor of Studio Art and the Sculpture Program Coordinator at the University of North Texas. Her work is represented by Galeria Fernando Santos in Porto, Portugal, and Liliana Bloch Gallery in Dallas. She lives with her son, Zephyr, in Denton, Texas.

Eggert’s work has been exhibited internationally, and is in the collection of the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, New Holland Island (St. Petersburg, Russia), the Light Art Collection, the HALL Arts Hotel, S&R Foundation, IBM, Capital One, and more.

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