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Bronze Member

$8 per month • $96 per year

Stay connected with this basic level of membership. Bronze Members receive a membership card etched with a unique member number and they also receive our regular member newsletter.

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Stainless Steel Member

$12 per month • $144 per year

Our most popular membership level. Stainless Steel Members also receive complimentary tickets to our monthly Seminars in San Francisco—and early access to buy tickets to events at The Interval.

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$30 per month • $360 per year

An intermediate membership level for those who wish to elevate their support for long-term thinking. Monel Members also receive a copy of our book, Long Now: Works in Progress.

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Tungsten Member

$80 per month • $960 per year

A higher level of monthly membership. Tungsten Members also receive Brian Eno’s album January 07003: Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now, as well as priority ticketing for special events.

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Equation of Time Cam

$2,500 per year

A special membership level inspired by a unique artifact from The Clock of the Long Now. Members at this level will receive a limited-edition Equation of Time Cam machined from solid bronze. This distinctive component was designed to ensure accurate timekeeping across the next 10,000 years.

Your Membership Number: 11612

10,000 Year Member

One-time donation of $10,000

A membership designed to last as long as The Clock. Please email donate@longnow.org if you are interested in being a 10,000 Year Member of The Long Now Foundation.

  • Stainless Steel Member card, numbered
  • Live video streaming of our talks
  • Complimentary tickets to the Seminars
  • Our book Long Now: Works in Progress
  • Priority ticketing for special events
  • Monthly email newsletter for Members
  • Clock Blog & Clock Visit Interest list
  • Early access to buy Interval event tickets
  • Brian Eno's album, Bell Studies for The Clock...
  • Equation of Time Cam

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