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Together we can make long-term thinking more common

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Together we can make long-term thinking more common

Frequently asked questions about membership

Why become a Member of Long Now?

The Long Now Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to fostering long-term thinking and responsibility and we are entirely supported by donors and members like you. Membership connects you to a whole world of ideas, people and projects working to make a better future and your support will help inspire long-term thinking for generations to come.

Are there Long Now Members all over the world?

More than 10,000 people across 60+ countries have signed up to become a member of The Long Now Foundation. Our membership includes students, CEOs, writers, scientists, parents, politicians, musicians, artists, naturalists, journalists, professionals, farmers, explorers, astronauts and more — we welcome all ages, races, and genders to join the organization and share the ideas about long-term thinking and responsibility with their friends, families, and networks.

Is my Membership tax deductible?

Your membership dues are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, minus the fair market value of any gifts you have received from us. For more detailed information about the tax deductibility of your membership dues, please consult your local tax laws, or speak with a tax professional. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 68-038 4748. If you need further assistance, please contact us at membership@longnow.org.

How can I make a gift from my IRA, appreciated stocks, or through my will or living trust?

One great way to be a good ancestor is to plan a legacy gift for The Long Now Foundation. It's easy to include us in your will or to make us a beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement plan — just include or name and tax identification number 68-0384748 so that we can be accurately contacted. For further details, please email legacy@longnow.org.

How can I connect with other Members in my area?

We have a few regional groups and increasing interest from members around the world to have one in their area. You can join one of our Meetup Groups, or start one in your area — and we have prepared a Meetup Guide to help you get started!

You can also start a Facebook group and we encourage any member looking to start a group to be inclusive of anyone that is interested in learning more about long-term thinking (your participants don't all need to be members of Long Now).

What do you do with the income from the Membership program?

Members provide essential support to the Foundation; over 30% of our operating budget comes directly from member dues. The income we receive from membership goes directly to operational costs for projects and programs like the Long Now Talks, our monthly Member newsletter, social media team, digital infrastructure and running our office in San Francisco. Thank you for supporting us!

How is the Member card designed?

Your Long Now Member card is made of stainless steel and individually engraved with your membership number. The design on your Member card is the outline of the rete, the curving arcs on the face of the 10,000 Year Clock that Long Now is building. The two widest arcs of the rete delineate the range of view of the night sky as seen from the earth from a sea level elevation. The two narrower arcs delineate the range of view of the night sky from a high elevation. The two arcs that meet and point show the location of the celestial pole, which is currently the North Star, Polaris.

How can I get a replacement Member card?

If you've lost your Member card, send an email to membership@longnow.org. and let us know. We ask for a $25 payment, which you can make online, to cover the cost of re-engraving your member number and shipping your replacement card.

What is the "fair market value" of membership goods?

All donations to The Long Now Foundation are tax-deductible—minus the fair market value of any goods or services received. The fair market values for most of our goods and services are listed below (please note that some items are not currently available).

Challenge Coin $3
Long Now Membership Card $15
Works in Progress book $20
Brian Eno’s Bells CD $20
Titanium Flask $33
Etched Flask $60
Bottle keep (fill or refill) $90
Rosetta Wearable Disk $150
Interval Tea Club $150
Equation of Time Cam $900

The Long Now Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and our tax identification number is 68-0384748. Please don’t hesitate to email us at donate@longnow.org if you have any questions about your donation.

Can I mail my donation to Long Now?

Yes. Donations can be mailed to:

The Long Now Foundation
P.O Box 475668
San Francisco, California 94147

I used to be a member and would like to re-join?

We are always delighted to welcome Long Now Members back who had previously canceled their membership. You do not need to setup a new membership from scratch, simply email us at membership@longnow.org and we will reactivate your previous membership. We can help with email changes, password resets and card updates so that you can reconnect with Long Now!

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