Whole Earth Catalog 50th Anniversary Celebration Takes Place October 13

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50 years ago, Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand launched the Whole Earth Catalog — one of the most consequential publications of the 01960s American counterculture. The Whole Earth Catalog and its progeny (CoEvolution Quarterly, Whole Earth Review, and the WELL) inspired generations to realize their personal agency in shaping the world they wished to see, and helped usher in the modern environmental movement, the rise of the cyberculture and the web, and so much more.

A selection of pages from the Whole Earth Catalog.

The Whole Earth Catalog’s legacy will be celebrated on the occasion of its 50th anniversary on Saturday, October 13. Those who helped create the Whole Earth Catalog will reunite, and those who were influenced by it will share their stories.

Left: Some of the original staff members who worked on the Whole Earth Catalog, 01970. Middle: Stewart Brand at the Whole Earth Demise Party (01971). Right: Members of the WELL.

The evening program, which will take place at Fort Mason’s Cowell Theater and the San Francisco Art Institute, will feature an extraordinary group of guest speakers interacting on Whole Earth-related topics — in terms of then, now, and the future.

You can purchase tickets to the public program here. A livestream of the event will be on Whole Earth 50th page for those who cannot attend in person.

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