Watch: Videos from Whole Earth 50th Now Online

This October, hundreds gathered in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Whole Earth Catalog. Long Now was a sponsor and helped produce media for the event, which is now available online. The evening program (viewable above) featured conversations between Whole Earth Catalog contributors and contemporary wave-makers as they discussed the legacy of the Catalog and what the next 50 years might hold. Speakers included Ryan Phelan, Danica Remy, Rusty Schweickart, Kevin Kelly, Simone Giertz, Howard Rheingold, Chip Conley, Stephanie Mills, Stephanie Feldstein, Stewart Brand and Sal Khan. Select highlights from the program are viewable below.

Whole Earth Catalog contributor Kevin Kelly and robotics inventor Simone Giertz share their advice for aspiring makers:

Whole Earth contributor and social media pioneer Howard Rheingold on what makes a community a community:

Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand discusses the future of education with Khan Academy founder Sal Khan.

Stewart Brand on what his 29-year-old self would think of 02018:

More photos and videos from the event can be accessed on the Whole Earth 50th website.

Whole Earth 50th was sponsored by the San Francisco Art Institute, WIRED, The Long Now Foundation, Ken and Maddy Dychtwald, Peter and Cathleen Schwartz, Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan, Juan and Mary Enriquez, and Gerry Ohrstrom.

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