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 After over 5 years of producing our Seminars About Long-term Thinking series (SALT) we have begun to outgrow our available venues.  We are now offering an option for people (who arrive on time) to guarantee a seat.  This is to avoid having to turn people away (which we had to do at the last two events), and make sure that those people traveling a long distance to see a speaker can make the trip with piece of mind.  We also have a strong commitment to making sure there are some free seats at as many of our events as possible.  So here are the changes that we have made.  We will keep this post up to date as we evolve the system, and welcome your feedback so we can make it even better.


2 ways to make sure you get a seat (if we still have pre sell tickets available):

Important Notes

  • If you cant make it after making a reservation, please let us know by emailing services at longnow dot org as early as possible, but even up to the night of the event, as it will help us release those seats.
  • In most cases there are no physical tickets, “getting a ticket” just means having you name on the list.
  • Please note Members and Ticket holders: if you arrive after 7:25 we may not be able to seat you in the theater.
  • All tickets and RSVP’s are Will-Call; advance sales and RSVP’s end when we reach our presell limit, or at 3:00pm on the day of event.
  • Please allow time for traffic, parking, walking to the theater and check-in.
  • The Seminar will be simulcast in the lobby with free overflow seating and extra seats in the theater will be released right before the lecture starts.
  • You can also purchase advance tickets for events at our Museum & Store in Ft Mason, San Francsico.

All seminar audio is available for Download & Podcast.
High quality video with chaptering and video searchable transcript is available to all Long Now Members.

Become a Member for as low as $8/month and support Long Now and this lecture series.

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