Long Now Salon Begins Construction

With your help construction will be starting soon! Our new Long Now Salon Page now features six additional giving options starting at $10.  We’ve also added gifts and recognitions to show our appreciation to all contributors in a distinctive Long Now style.

You can see all the new stuff at: https://longnow.org/salon/

 Please consider supporting the Salon with a tax-deductible gift at any level. If you’ve been waiting to give, now is the time as we are trying to get the work done while we have a discount with the construction company. We have begun to move out and start demolition, so now is the most important time to help us make the Salon a reality.

We would be honored if you can share the link and spread the word through your social networks, we have already eceived some great tweets from past speakers and friends of Long Now:



Salon Project and Fundraising Update:

We are announcing Samovar Tea of San Francisco as our partner in providing fine tea at the Salon. In addition to a range of on-menu teas, Samovar’s founder Jesse Jacob has helped us source a 01989 vintage Suncha Pu-erh tea to add to our rare beverage offerings. Pu-erh is unusual because it improves over time and each serving can be enjoyed for up to 20 infusions–with changing taste characteristics over those many cups. This tea is a perfect fit with Long Now and our Salon’s goal to be a place for conversation. There is a limited supply of this unique tea, in fact, we have the very last of this vintage in existence.

We have created a special fundraising level to showcase this tea. For a $1,500 Founders Tea Club level gift, Long Now will keep this tea on-hand for you at the Salon, ready to be steeped when you visit. The tea will only be served at the Salon and will not be available on our regular menu. We are thrilled to be working with Samovar and for their help with this wonderful addition to our offerings and campaign.

Meanwhile, construction work on the Salon is imminent. Our architect and building team have been hard at work, our prototypes and museum contents are already going into temporary storage, and our staff will relocate for several months while the construction is underway. There’s a lot going on, and we are excited about the progress.

Since launching our campaign in the fall, we’ve raised over $170K for the Salon. That’s right on schedule and sets us up for this next important phase of the campaign.

If you have questions about the Salon or the giving options, please contact us at donate@longnow.org and we’ll be glad to help.

Thanks from all of us for your interest and support of the Long Now Salon Project.
We can’t wait to see you here.




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